Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Things First

I'm actually sitting here, writing for you. It's a miracle that couldn't have happened without the help of the many Facebook fans of Temporary Insanity... or a lot of money! They all pitched in and gave me support, hints, "you can do it's," and links. I am grateful. I hope that as time goes by, I will improve on what I've learned and be able to apply the design ability I have for many other things to this particular venue. For now, I will simply sit and admire what I've accomplished and be happy. Thank you all!


  1. WOW! Terrie!!! This looks awesome, great job!!!
    Totally LOVE it!!!

  2. first comment on your first post! Good Luck Terrie ~ may your insanity last forever!

  3. Your creativity shines through with the blog design you've chosen - well done!

    Looking forward to reading many more interesting posts from you over the coming year.

    Sally Lee by the Sea

  4. You can do anything!! Looks great!

  5. Terrie, it all looks awesome! Your banner looks perfect with your back ground and your Etsy mini is in the perfect spot!

  6. I LOVE this fine new blog! You are a creative genius and this blog proves it! Yes, admire your accomplishments, shout YES to the Universe and get this thing movin' to creat a crammed and jammed bank account for you!

  7. Thanks to you all! I feel so much loving support and doesn't that just lift us up!?