Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gigi, The Parisian Artist and Her Little Dog, Fifi

Introducing Gigi, The Parisian Artist and Her Little Dog, Fifi!

Gigi has finally found her passion. She's unlocked the keys to who she really is. What a breakthrough! It couldn't have been done without, Fifi, her muse. Fifi has shown her the importance of having your own style, your own flair, how to be who you really are! Fifi is on a long leash and she understands the importance of letting go and running. Gigi has decided she is an artist and now creativity is flowing out of her every pore! She holds her head high with confidence and struts her stuff, just like Fifi!

Thank you all so much for being fans of Temporary Insanity! I have so much gratitude for the connection and support I've had from everyone! Good luck tonight!

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